Fruit Heads $10 Each

El Cajon

New Business

Choice 2019

Stunning. Beautiful. Attention to detail.

Firehouse Hookah Lounge has elegantly set new standards for design in East County with its unique approach in lounges. Truly a new gem!

El Cajon Business Journal
Hookah Menu 2.0
Regular Bowl
REFILL $10.00
Fruit Bowl
REFILL $15.00

Firehouse Mixes

  • Double Mint
    Al Fakher Mint, Starbuzz White Mint
  • Cozy
    Starbuzz Tangerine Dream, Fumari Spiced Chai
  • Rainbow Burst
    Starbuzz Strawberry Margarita, Queen of Sex
  • Fruit Loops
    Samba Lemon Mint, Starbuzz Melon Blue, Al Faker Mint
  • Lemon Drop
    Starbuzz Mighty Freeze, Fumari Lemon Mint
  • Gummy Bear
    Fumari White Gummy Bear, Red Gummy Bear
  • Chai Blast
    Fumari Spiced Chai, Lemon Mint

“Escape. Rejuvenate. Restart. Relax.

We wanted to design a unique lounge where anyone can escape their everyday routine. The goal was to create a place that helps ease the burden of daily stress and work challenges, and allow customers to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. At Firehouse, you are welcome – it’s a place you can call home with friends and just have a wonderful time!

You name it, we have it! Our luxurious amenities include signature tobacco house mixes, standard menu tobacco selections, a large selection of hot & cold beverages, exotic desserts, live entertainment, sporting events viewings, special event reservations, upscale state-of-the-art tech integration with 4G – 5G wireless speeds, and so much more!  Come in and check Firehouse Hookah Lounge out to experience it for yourself!


Firehouse Hookah Lounge