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El Cajon

New Business

Choice 2019

Stunning. Beautiful. Attention to detail.

Firehouse Hookah Lounge has elegantly set new standards for design in East County with its unique approach in lounges. Truly a new gem!

El Cajon Business Journal
Hookah Menu 2.0
Regular Bowl
REFILL $6.00
Grapefruit Bowl
REFILL $8.00
Pineapple Bowl
REFILL $10.00

Firehouse Mixes

  • Double Mint
    Al Fakher Mint, Starbuzz White Mint
  • Cozy
    Starbuzz Tangerine Dream, Fumari Spiced Chai
  • Rainbow Burst
    Starbuzz Strawberry Margarita, Queen of Sex
  • Fruit Loops
    Samba Lemon Mint, Starbuzz Melon Blue, Al Faker Mint
  • Lemon Drop
    Starbuzz Mighty Freeze, Fumari Lemon Mint
  • Gummy Bear
    Fumari White Gummy Bear, Red Gummy Bear
  • Chai Blast
    Fumari Spiced Chai, Lemon Mint

“Escape. Rejuvenate. Restart. Relax.

We wanted to design a unique lounge where anyone can escape their everyday routine. The goal was to create a place that helps ease the burden of daily stress and work challenges, and allow customers to feel refreshed and rejuvenated. At Firehouse, you are welcome – it’s a place you can call home with friends and just have a wonderful time!

You name it, we have it! Our luxurious amenities include signature tobacco house mixes, standard menu tobacco selections, a large selection of hot & cold beverages, exotic desserts, live entertainment, sporting events viewings, special event reservations, upscale state-of-the-art tech integration with 4G – 5G wireless speeds, and so much more!  Come in and check Firehouse Hookah Lounge out to experience it for yourself!


Firehouse Hookah Lounge